Monday, July 2, 2012

We'll Try, I Hope So and Maybe...

We'll try to come tomorrow. I hope I can make it. Maybe this weekend I'll come. The one thing that ALL 3 of these statements have in common is "Non committal". These patients tend to be some of the worst patients.

In fact, these patients often look to blame EVERYONE ELSE for their non-successful ways,...but themselves. Here is an example. I just recently had a patient that came in to my clinic 6 + months (closer to 7) to have me review their post-x rays. Excuses were flowing from her lips like water from a faucet.
* I broke my ankle.
* She's (her daughter) lazy
* busy
* school

I had to stop the flow of excuses before I got flooded out of my office. Then there was the "blame" period. You said she had 10 degree scoliosis and now she has 16 degree. This was inferring that I,...Dr. Giovanni was responsible for the increase in her daughter's pre-scoliotic back.
1) There wasn't an increase. (Have to be careful of that for sometimes one doctor says something and this may set off a cascade of,...absolutely no increase)
2) Patient was BEYOND non compliant, and could never expect any improvement with the minimal effort they were performing.
3)  We searched all of our paperwork and exam reports and radiographs and there was never a mention of 10 degrees. So,...guess the patient heard what THEY WANTED TO HEAR. 

Interestingly enough, these are the type of patients that will never succeed. They are full of excuses, full of blaming others for their inadequacies, and they never work hard.

When told of the MINIMAL requirements for them to succeed,........what did I get from them? MAYBE, I HOPE SO, WE'LL TRY.... let me re-translate that for you.

1) Maybe I will come maybe I won't. Probably won't for we're too lazy we love making excuses instead of making things work.

2) I hope we can come... I really have doubts or reservations, but I think I will passify you as a clinic so that I can escape here unscathed and can leave the clinic again....non-committal.

3) Maybe we'll come this weekend...well, at least I hope you will buy that line of bologna for I know that I have zero intention in coming, but I want to leave the clinic unscathed and again without commitment.

Here's the thing,...the only person they are FOOLING.....ARE THEMSELVES.

If people truly don't wish to get well, but merely use Chiropractic as a magic pill,...that is what is going to happen no matter the education and no matter how bad their condition is. Therefore,... my advice to patients (or future patients) is to look at themselves and see what kind of work they are willing to put into their health,...then try to attain that goal. I believe honesty with YOURSELF first is the best policy,...then inform your doctor of what your GOALS are and how you wish to obtain that goal.

To good health,

Dr. G

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