Wednesday, June 20, 2012

In Clinic Exercises

Exercise is extremely important when it comes to overall health. Sure, I love it when a patient tells me they are doing palates, yoga, swimming (on a regular basis),...but, it is also important to do daily stretches to prevent injury, as well.

The exercises you will see here are regular exercises performed IN CLINIC. I have had patients ask me to post this for a while, to give them a reminder of how the exercises should be performed.

So,...let's begin,...shall we? (THIS NOTE WILL BE HERE UNTIL ALL THE EXERCISES HAVE BEEN LOADED>...then I will delete this note).

Circle Abduction
Circle abduction: circular motion  (outside to inside)
Circle abduction: abduct/ extension
shoulder shrugs (3kg)
Circle Abd'n w/ ball
Bucket Pulls (standing Oblique)

Soccer Throw
Isolation Tricep Curls
(Iso Tricep Curls)
Standing Flys

bicep curls (w/ anything)

Thoracolumbar torque

Ipsilateral Seated Bicep Curls

Oblique Stretches
Iliopsoas Stretch

chest press w/ ball

Wabble Stick/Balance Cushion

chest press using the wall

triceps curls using barbells
Puma Crawl (scoliosis training)
Pec-Stretch with exercise band

Quadriceps Strengthening

bicep curls w/ tubing
Rhomboid stretch using door (Stretches deltoid muscle as well)
Hamstring Stretch
Hamstring & Gastrocnemius  stretch
Lawnmower Pulls
Deltoid Strengthening
QL stretch
Quadratus Lumborum Stretch (QL)