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Toxic Reaction After A Chiropractic Adjustment

I am first going to tell you something I inform every single one of my patients BEFORE their first adjustment.

YOU COULD GET SICK. Now, it isn't the doctor that made you sick, or the adjustment itself. However, if the doctor doesn't inform you of this and WHY it occurs, what else is a person to think?

Toxic relief. This is the experience that approximately 15-20% of the patience experience after their first chiropractic adjustment.

What are the symptoms? Well, I am going to go over the most common symptoms first, then go over what the rest of the symptoms we have seen in our clinic.

1) Lethargy: Patient within hours feels completely drained of energy. This isn't a sudden virus that attacked your body, it's your own body reacting to the chemical and electrical impulse the nerves send out to the body that were being denied regularly.

2) Headache: most often without fever. (This isn't a virus, but the body will look to fight what is going on).

3) Night time sweating: Profuse sweating (of course a loss of sleep). Body is looking to cool itself down.

What? Explain that again in layman's term Doc....  Your body sends out electrical and chemical impulses from the brain down the spinal cord 24 hours a day.

Before I go any further, I am going to attach a small synapses of nerve cells that both interestingly enough BOTH chiropractors and medical doctors agree upon.

Other S/Sx: eyes burning, loss of sensation of taste, difficulty breathing, diarrhea, ...and last (but very common...especially at the tail end of Toxic Relief)......very tight gastrocnemius muscles in the back of the leg.

The Nervous System: Composition and Organization

While our brains control nearly everything we do, the brain does not work alone. The brain is the central part of a complex body system known as the nervous system. The nervous system allows us to respond to the world around us. Both our involuntary actions, such as our blink reflex to bright light, as well as our voluntary actions, such as choosing to put on sunglasses, can be attributed to our nervous system. Such a system must necessarily be both complex and extraordinarily well organized to produce the coordinated functions that define human life. How does our nervous system manage to perform its various functions?
The nervous system is organized into two major subdivisions: the central nervous system (CNS) and the peripheral nervous system (PNS; Figure 1).3,15 A brief examination of the nervous system’s components helps create a broader context in which to understand the brain and brain function.

The central nervous system (CNS).

The central nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord. It is the major information-processing center of the body. The spinal cord conducts sensory information (information from the body) from the peripheral nervous system to the brain. After processing its many sensory inputs, the brain initiates motor outputs (coordinated mechanical responses) that are appropriate to the sensory input it receives. The spinal cord then carries this motor information from the brain through the PNS to various locations in the body (such as muscles and glands).
Not all of the body’s motor responses travel through the brain for processing. The spinal cord alone is able to direct simple reflex actions, such as the knee jerk reflex, that require a quick response from the body. More complex motor actions, such as some involuntary and all voluntary actions of the body, require brain involvement. The brain is both the integrator and director of information through our bodies. Our brain devotes most of its considerable volume, energy, and computational power to processing various sensory inputs from the body in order to determine and initiate appropriate, coordinated motor output to the body.

3.2 he peripheral nervous system (PNS).

The peripheral nervous system is composed of all nerve tissue outside the brain and spinal cord. The PNS delivers information between the body and the central nervous system. It is divided into two subsections: the sensory/somatic nervous system and the autonomic nervous system. The somatic nervous system carries messages between the CNS and the body’s sensory organs and voluntary muscles. It allows us to detect changes in the world around us, and it delivers information related to actions that we decide to perform. In contrast, the autonomic nervous system carries messages between the CNS and our internal organs. It delivers information related to automatic tasks such as the regulation of breathing and digestive functions.
Figure 2
Figure 2. A neuron is made up of a cell body, dendrites, and an axon. Dendrites bring information into the cell body; information travels through the axon and exits the cell through axon terminals.

Cells of the Nervous System

All components of the nervous system, including the brain, are composed of billions of specialized cells: neurons and glia. Though the two cell types work together to provide the coordinated functioning of the nervous system, the unique structure of each type of cell allows it to perform its specific function.


The neuron (Figure 2) is the basic functional unit of the nervous system. Its primary function is communication. Neurons receive information from cells, and then transmit this information to other cells. The transmission of information between cells of the body and neurons enables us to react to changes in our internal and external environments. Neurons have a cell body, which contains a nucleus that directs the cell’s activities. Specialized extensions called dendrites bring information into the cell body. Other extensions at the opposite end of the neuron are called axons. These carry information away from the cell body. Information leaves a neuron through axon terminals, the endpoints of the axon. Bundles of axons are called nerves.
The nervous system includes three general types of neurons: sensory neurons, interneurons, and motor neurons. Sensory neurons are specialized to detect stimuli from the environment, such as light, sound, taste, or pressure. Detection of a stimulus triggers the sensory neuron to transmit a message to the central nervous system. There, the message is relayed to interneurons that integrate the information and generate instructions about how to respond. Instructions are sent back to the peripheral nervous system as messages along motor neurons. The motor neurons then stimulate muscles to contract or relax to make the appropriate responses. They also stimulate glands to release hormones.
Figure 3
Figure 3. Specialized glial cells form myelin sheaths around the axons of neurons.
Our nervous system is able to pass a message from a sensory neuron, through several interneurons, to a motor neuron within several milliseconds. Though this seems very fast, some sensory inputs (such as pain) requires an even more rapid response. If we touch a hot stove, for instance, it is beneficial for us to pull back as quickly as possible. How does the nervous system handle this reflex response? When responding to input that requires a very fast response, our nervous system allows sensory neurons to relay information through only one interneuron, or to connect directly to motor neurons. By reducing the number of inter-neurons required for signal processing, reflex responses are able to occur more quickly than other responses. Reflex responses are discussed further in Section 6, The Spinal Cord.


Glial cells, collectively called glia, greatly outnumber neurons. Why do we need so many glia? The functions of glia, though not as well known as for neurons, are generally to serve as the support structure for our immense neural network.14 For instance, some glia form myelin, the insulating sheath that surrounds certain axons (Figure 3). Myelin keeps electrical signals contained within axons and enhances the conduction of electrical signals. Other glia are scavengers that remove debris after injury or neuronal death. Some glia guide the migration of neurons and direct the outgrowth of axons during development, while others facilitate communication between neurons.2 Some glia may even serve to “feed” neurons, providing them with essential nutrients.
Figure 4
Figure 4. A nerve impulse is information (in the form of an electrical impulse) flowing through the dendrites, cell body, and axon of a neuron.

 Transmission of nerve impulses: electrical transmission.

Neurons send and receive messages to and from each other and the body. They do this through a two-part process called neural signaling. Neural signaling begins with the generation of an electrical impulse that is passed down the length of one neuron.
How does this work? An electrical impulse is generated when a stimulus (such as sensory input) causes a rapid change in electrical charge in one part of a neuron’s membrane. This electrical impulse is one unit of neural information. An electrical impulse flowing along the length of a neuron is called a nerve impulse.
Nerve impulses proceed in just one direction within a neuron—from the dendrites, through the cell body and axon, to the axon terminals (Figure 4). In addition, neurons produce nerve impulses in an all-or-nothing way. For example, if the stimulus that a neuron receives is too weak to trigger a nerve impulse, nothing happens—the neuron does not initiate an impulse. If the stimulus is strong enough or much stronger than the minimum required to trigger a nerve impulse, the neuron does initiate an impulse. However, the neuron does not initiate a stronger impulse in response to a more powerful stimulus. All that is required to initiate a nerve impulse is a minimum, or threshold, amount of stimulation. The frequency of nerve impulses, or the rate at which nerve impulses are initiated in a neuron, determines the intensity of the signal that travels through the neuron.

Okay... now that we have basic information on nerve cells and understand that BOTH a chemical and electrical impulse start from the brain and work it's way down the spinal cord and exit the CNS by way of the Dorsal Root Ganglia. From that point on it is called the PNS (Peripheral Nervous System).....

Why am I mentioning the DRG (dorsal root ganglia)? This is the area that the nerve exits and most importantly this is the area by the facet know......the area where you feel the "crack", the area where you feel the "pop" it?

Now, imagine that the area where that DRG is pinched...Slightly or doesn't matter......what this means is that the decreased amount of information from the brain to that nerve cell supplying that organ or muscle will be decreased. 

So? So what? What does that have to do with feeling tired? (Glad you asked). If you squeeze a garden hose,.........The faucet is turned on, the amount of water coming out of the hose is either minimal and if you squeeze the hose hard enough, no water will come out. Does this mean that the pressure from the hose has stopped? No,it is built up and starts to back up. 

So, now imagine this squeezed hose as your nervous system. If it's pinched and decreased amount of axonal information is being "bombarded" with electrical and chemical impulses...what do you think occurs? First of all your body will tell you things are wrong.
Pain, change of posture, constipation, appendicitis, gastric issues,....etc, etc, etc.

One thing you will find constant though is this. If you palpate that persons back where the nerve is'll actually feel heat. Not always pain,...because sometimes pain is the last thing you'll feel,... but you will feel diffuse heat. That heat is due to the blocked nerve flow transmittion  (again,...electrical and chemical impulses being bombarded at the DRG)

Dorsal Root Ganglia (in yellow)

Now, the fun part of my BLOG begins........I found an article someone wrote about their Chiropractic experience. Sounds like it wasn't positive. Why? Because the doctor never educated the patient of the possibilities of going through toxic relief.

I will underline the highlights in this article.

Chiropractic Adjustment: Risks of Chiropractic 

Neck Manipulation

My Unusual Reaction to Neck Manipulation

Jolynne Hudnell
My husband has a slight bulging disk in his back. We saw an ad sign on the road and decided to try chiropractic adjustment for his pain.
After a couple of sessions and a group learning session, the chiropractic workers offered me a free x-ray and exam. When someone offers something for free that may be useful, who am I to refuse?
I received my results immediately after the exam. I have scoliosis in two vertebrae in my mid to lower back (which my family physician discovered about 10 years ago). I was also informed that I have a reverse curve in my neck. And, of course, exaggerated and reverse curves in my back. All of these result in my poor posture. They spoke a lot about subluxations that cause problems. They recommended I receive chiropractic care at their office. As my insurance would cover this, I agreed.
The first chiropractic adjustment seemed to go great. It cracked and popped all the way from my neck down. It felt great when they cracked my back. My neck was different. The neck adjustments didn't really hurt, but it was a very odd feeling. Something just felt wrong about it. Being new to chiropractic care, I had never hear of risks of chiropractic neck manipulation.
By the time I got home, I felt drained. I took a nap. When I woke up about an hour later, I felt flushed and had chills. I took my temperature and it was 103 degrees. I assumed it was a virus. Possibly a flu. Over the course of the evening I developed the tell-tale aches and pains. For about 36 hours I had a fever, aches, pains, chills and fatigue. Then I was better. Good thing, it was time for my next chiropractic adjustment.
When I got there, I told them about my "virus". They acknowledged by saying a lot of their clients have had the same symptoms, though they didn't know the cause of those symptoms. They believed symptoms such as those would go away with further adjustments. I thought maybe toxins had been released from chiropractic neck manipulations dealing with the subluxations.
The back cracking was awesome, but again, the chiropractic neck manipulation just didn't feel right at all. I mentioned this. I was told it was because of the subluxations. Since I'm still not sure what a subluxation is, I was in no place to disagree.
As with the last time, when I got home I was so tired I thought I would pass out. Upon awakening, I had a fever again and developed the same symptoms for about 36 hours. Supposedly the body develops resistance to a flu virus. I highly doubted another flu virus would be around in the same geographical area at the same time of year that produced the exact same symptoms. Now I was concerned that the chiropractic neck manipulations were the culprit.
I canceled my next appointment, but attended with my husband for his. I had questions and wanted answers. How could the same negative experience happen after adjustment twice in a row? Were there risks of chiropractic neck manipulations?
This office had no answers. They offered no explanation for what I experienced twice after receiving chiropractic neck manipulation. The workers in this office defended chiropractic care to a point I almost felt like they were a part of some exotic cult or something. In my opinion, they could have at least come up with some reasoning of why the adjustments did this, such as the subluxations had released built up toxins into my body, causing such a weird negative reaction. I felt that may be what happened but they wouldn't even say that. They insisted zealously that chiropractic adjustments can't cause anything bad, but only good results. That's when my husband decided to stop going as well.
I spoke with my family physician about my fever and other issues following chiropractic adjustment, especially the neck manipulation. He said that although he's never heard of that specific reaction before, he doesn't doubt that there could be a correlation. His recommendation was that I do not have more chiropractic neck manipulation, but I could return for back care if I chose to.
After my experience, I researched for weeks trying to find out risks for chiropractic neck manipulation. I found no written evidence of a reaction even close to mine. I did find that there are a few cases of stroke linked to chiropractic neck manipulation.
According to the Chiropractic Stroke Awareness Group1, chiropractic neck manipulation can cause one of the major arteries in your brain to tear resulting in stroke. This can happen if the neck is turned too far. It mainly occurs if a chiropractor is inexperienced or careless. A good chiropractor will check your neck and not turn it too far.
Many articles that argue lack of scientific evidence to support the claim that chiropractic adjustments can cause stroke are written by chiropractors or chiropractic organizations. They compare what they know with others in their field. One of these groups, The World Chiropractic Alliance2, discovered that the risk of stroke from chiropractic neck manipulation is only 1-3 per million adjustments. That is a smaller risk than many other types of medical treatment for health conditions.
Other independent studies suggest otherwise. Stephen Barrett, M.D., for Quackwatch3, quotes a Canadian study that suggests the incidence of stroke caused by chiropractic adjustment is more like 1 in 100,000, but this is the only study I've found with a risk level that high.
You can find more information on a connection between stroke and chiropractic neck manipulation from the Chiropractic Stroke Awareness Organization4 and Neck911USA5. Remember, there has been no scientifically based studies to make a determination either way.
If you are concerned about your risks of chiropractic neck manipulation, be informed. Speak with your chiropractor about the potential for such risks. Ask about his or her experience and track record. As with any medical professional, they should be able to answer your questions to your satisfaction. Ask other clients and get their opinion. If necessary, ask your family physician and find a chiropractor who will listen and answer questions about risks of chiropractic neck manipulation.
NOTE: My situation was extremely rare. I have found no other person in literature who has had that reaction. It still could have been a release of the build-up of toxins. I will not go back to the office I was at since they acted like nothing was wrong and wouldn't answer my questions. Another chiropractor may have had the answers. As with any type of medical treatment, there can be risks with chiropractic neck manipulation. But chiropractic adjustments can be especially beneficial for many issues, especially for those individuals dealing with pain.

WOW!!!! This is a simple and normal reaction when it is not explained what can go on with the body.
Let's go over all of these things I underlined.
1) husband has a slight bulging disk in his back : A person having a bulging disk in their back is often referred to as a herniated nucleus pulposus...or HNP. It's actually safe for a chiropractic adjustment if the doctor explains that what they are doing is going above and below the affected area. Many doctors do not do biomechanical and kinesiological work, therefore the adjustment is FINAL.........I have apprehensions about that myself, for I believe in rotating the pelvis properly to increase or decrease the IVF (the hole that the nerve comes out of) thereby decreasing the mechanical stress on the body.
2)  decided to try chiropractic adjustment for his pain.: over 80% of the people come in for a pain related incident.  What is interesting is the "I"ll try" aspect of this comment. That is where the person starts to fail before they begin. Chiropractic isn't "I'll try" but rather, I'll switch my philosophy of thought and change my way of poor living.  The Pain they are experiencing is a symptom,...not the cause. With chiropractic, we are aiming to resolve the issues biomechanically, and allowing the body's restoration to complete healing all from within...........ADIO...Above> down> inside> out.  The flow pattern of how the body heals. Brain to spinal cord,
3)  I have scoliosis in two vertebrae in my mid to lower back (which my family physician discovered about 10 years ago). : Impossible. It is IMPOSSIBLE to have scoliosis on only 2 vertebrae. Very definition of scoliosis is lateral curvature of the spine 20 degrees or more. If she has 2 vertebrae that are misaligned, that is extremely possible, but never scoliosis. So, this patient was uninformed, or took information improperly.
4)  I was also informed that I have a reverse curve in my neck.: very common with people that work in front of the computer every single day. It is possible to reverse the cervical neck through at home exercises and chiropractic care. This is also very common among people who are lazy in nature, bad self-esteem, or those that have extremely bad posture.
5) The first chiropractic adjustment seemed to go great. It cracked and popped all the way from my neck down. It felt great when they cracked my back. My neck was different. : Very common reaction. A great proprioceptive feeling occurs during an adjustment, often fooling the patient into thinking "they are well". The fun has just begun for them.....How their body reacts to this adjustment will decipher how well they are.
6) Being new to chiropractic care,: This patient is telling us exactly what she needed to tell the doctor. In her case, apparently she did tell the doctor everything. She was simply looking for answers that were not given to her, she came up with her own analysis. Would you be any different? Of course not.
7) By the time I got home, I felt drained. I took a nap. When I woke up about an hour later, I felt flushed and had chills. I took my temperature and it was 103 degrees. I assumed it was a virus. : This toxic reaction occurrence happens more often than we think. Interestingly enough, as a doctor, it is hard to predict whom this reaction will occur in. I've had patients with a terrible looking spine that have a very small reacton. Vice versa also: patients who have a beautiful looking spine and they get sick as a dog. That is why I tell EVERY new patient that comes in the possibility of a toxic reaction. This way they are aware of it happening to them.
8)  Over the course of the evening I developed the tell-tale aches and pains. For about 36 hours I had a fever, aches, pains, chills and fatigue. Then I was better. Good thing, it was time for my next chiropractic adjustment. Everything was matter-of-factual here. A) She had a toxic reaction B) encouraged to return to the Chiropractors office for a follow up visit. Where the chiropractor and staff failed was in understanding what was happening to this woman, AND how to convey that message to her. So, she is going to come up with her own conclusions. She sought out an answer,...and will continue to seek out an answer (even if it's not the correct one), until she can justify her state of being. Makes sense to me.

9)  When I got there, I told them about my "virus". They acknowledged by saying a lot of their clients have had the same symptoms, though they didn't know the cause of those symptoms : THIS is the very reason that chiropractors are closing their clinic. They become uninformative > patient wants a truthful answer > the patient isn't satisfied with the response > Patient leaves the clinic (unhealthy and dissatisfied).
10) I thought maybe toxins had been released from chiropractic neck manipulations dealing with the subluxations. : OMG...the patient actually knew more than the staff!!! She suspected what was going on and yet the office made her feel as though "they were justifying chiropractic"...therefore leading the patient to believe that chiropractic was some sort of cult...........I'd have fired the entire staff on the spot if that was my clinic. FACT!!!
11)  As with the last time, when I got home I was so tired I thought I would pass out. Upon awakening, I had a fever again and developed the same symptoms for about 36 hours.  : Of course. Makes sense to me... Here's what I tell my patients.
"I'm going to let you know that you may or may NOT get a toxic reaction after today's adjustment.". I won't go over the numerous signs and symptoms that can occur, but I will go over a few of them. Painful muscles, headache, dizziness, neck stiffness,  night time sweating and diarrhea. If these symptoms occur,...don't panic. Take water and antioxidants. Why? Toxins are looking to attach on to either muscles or organs and water is the medium we'd like them to attach to. They attach to the oxygen molecules  and get flushed out of the body. This being said, it won't take care of all the toxins 100%. This is where antioxidants come in to play. They are like "garbage collectors". They will pick up the remaining free radicals in the body. Please take plenty of water and if you do get an uncomfortable reaction come see  the next morning. Your body will attempt to fight. This is good. As uncomfortable as it seems, we want your body to learn how to fight. Increase the ability of your immune system. If you absolutely must take a pain killer, so. It's not my recommended plan of attack, but we don't want to see you in pain either. If you get this reaction, see you tomorrow,...if not, see you in 2 days. Last, but not least. I have found over my experience that toxic reactions last about 3 weeks. Meaning, you may hate me for 3 weeks, but after that you'll feel better than you've felt in a long time. I can handle your ire  and disappointment with how you are feeling,...because I know if you listen to what I say, and come when you are told, will get better very soon. Any questions?"
Now, you think I get patients who are scared after that? Rarely!!!! If the patient is still afraid after that,  walk them through it ONE more time. They may have not paid attention to you. If they don't remember after that?.......then it's their fault for not understanding and taking the proper steps to minimize the painful results and to get well within that 3 week period. Our job is to educate not babysit. So, after that,...I simply move on.
12) Now I was concerned that the chiropractic neck manipulations were the culprit.: What else is she supposed to think? Can you blame her? She's looking for resolution to her problem.
13)  The workers in this office defended chiropractic care to a point I almost felt like they were a part of some exotic cult or something. In my opinion, they could have at least come up with some reasoning of why the adjustments did this, such as the subluxations had released built up toxins into my body, causing such a weird negative reaction. : Justification period. The employees are trying to justify their work place, but they have no clue why things are, the patient thinks odd things i.e. cult experiences and what not. Perfectly normal reaction for a patient.
14)According to the Chiropractic Stroke Awareness Group1, chiropractic neck manipulation can cause one of the major arteries in your brain to tear resulting in stroke. This can happen if the neck is turned too far The patient is looking for answers. So, they google the hell out of the internet, until they can come up with a resolution. Sounds pretty good to me. I've done the same thing. Now,......what this patient is referring to is a VBAI. This is a Vertebral Basilar Arterial Insufficiency and although it is quite rare 1/4,000,000 cases , it does occur. It also only occurs with "rotary adjustments".  These are chiropractors that aren't specific in their adjustment and are merely looking to get "an audible"...or as the patient would say,....hear a crack or pop.  Although it is  a non specific adjustment style, this doesn't exclude the fact that it's a rotational adjustment rather than a cervical break. (cervical used in a good term here. This refers to the lack of  cervical rotation,  a clean, crisp adjustment through the facet joint without giving the patient a "sliding  adjustment":(C0-C1) Occiput across the Atlas bone  creating an opportunity for tear of the vertebral artery. 


  1. Please comment if you have had a similar experience. Thx

    1. I had my first adjustment today at my chiropractic office. I felt fine when I left in the morning, but all afternoon, all I want to do is sleep. My shoulders are sore, but not too bad. Its the deep fatigue I am feeling!

    2. I went to a chiropractor last March and I wish I hadn't! After treatment my lower back was burning inside, I could not sleep with the pain, I was numb and tingling from my neck down, my neck pain was horrendous. I was sent for a massage and my immune system launched world war three even before I left the consulting room. I felt sick, my anxiety levels blew the gasket, I felt tearful. I felt as if I had been hit by a truck, I was breathless and in agony all over.

      Today I am still symptomatic. Very mild household tasks or doing a lot leaves me exhausted and in pain for days. My previously great energy levels plummet very quiclkly. My bad back which only flared up occasionally is now more or less constant. I find standing for long periods too much because my lower spine gets weak and I have difficulty holding my legs up. I now have to pace myself a lot more.

      My doctor failed to find a cause for my symptoms.

    3. I had my first adjustment today. I felt outstanding when I first left the office, but my head was a bit cloudy. I did some shopping after, and by the time I got home a couple of hours later, I couldn't keep my eyes open. I know they had mentioned something about not feeling 'up to par' at the office, but it wasn't until I found this article that I remembered all they had told me. I will absolutely be keeping my next appointment

    4. I had my first adjustment today. I felt outstanding when I first left the office, but my head was a bit cloudy. I did some shopping after, and by the time I got home a couple of hours later, I couldn't keep my eyes open. I know they had mentioned something about not feeling 'up to par' at the office, but it wasn't until I found this article that I remembered all they had told me. I will absolutely be keeping my next appointment

    5. I had my first chiropractic adjustment this monday. I had the soreness my doctor had mentioned and it was mediocre given that my lower back pain was almost unbearable. Now, almost 2 days later, I woke up around 2 am with horrible night sweats, fever, aches, jaw pain, and vomiting. Needless to say, I am miserable. I began thinking it could be toxins as well since I am used to feeling this way after a deep tissue massage. If it continues I will no longer be getting chiropractic care. My doctor did not inform me that this would happen

    6. I had my first chiropractic adjustment this monday. I had the soreness my doctor had mentioned and it was mediocre given that my lower back pain was almost unbearable. Now, almost 2 days later, I woke up around 2 am with horrible night sweats, fever, aches, jaw pain, and vomiting. Needless to say, I am miserable. I began thinking it could be toxins as well since I am used to feeling this way after a deep tissue massage. If it continues I will no longer be getting chiropractic care. My doctor did not inform me that this would happen

    7. I went to my chiro, whom I trust, for an adjustment after I started feeling super out of whack and in pain just sitting in a car. I hadn't seen him in about a year, as I just go whenever I feel like things are out of whack. He put everything back in place, and I felt better and stood straighter. However, I then went to eat (nothing I had not eaten before), and soon after I ate experienced complete bowel failure, nothing but liquid. We are talking so severe I needed a shower and to do laundry after. I dared not eat solid food for 48 hours. I was back to normal after that, but geez louise, I've NEVER had that happen before in nearly fifteen years of sporadic chiropractic care.

    8. My daughter had an adjustment Tuesday afternoon. She has had dysautonomia for about 8 months and in the back of my mind, I knew we should stop neck adjustments until we get an MRI and see the neurologist. I think she has craniocervical instability because she's hypermobile. Anyway, she woke up Wed morning with horrible neck and head pain. She was crying by afternoon and had a fever of 103 by 8 pm. Her body hurt all over. Went to the ER and they gave her lots of meds, she threw up. Fever peaked at 104.3. This morning (Thurs), she was still very sick and couldn't keep anything down. I never mentioned the adjustment because I figured it was a virus (they ruled out meningitis). We went back to the ER Thursday morning to get fluids, and as soon as they got her back there, her temp was down. So it was about 36 hours. I'm only here because I started suspecting something when her temp was back to normal. If it was a virus, that was a REALLY quick recovery. She is 15. She also had VERY low bp and high pulse and they wanted to admit her for that. She's been seeing a chiropractor for years, so I don't think it was toxins; I think damage was done.

    9. I had my first chiropractic adjustment today during lunch break before returning turning to work. Three hours or so later I got home and had a follow up phone call, still feeling well I reported in. I don't have much soreness just yet and I don't feel that tired, but maybe 15-30 minutes after the phone call, I had acid reflux and then ended up throwing up stomach acid. I thought maybe it was something I ate, but it could be from the adjustment.


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      that's the reason i decided to also add more comment of Him so that more can
      be saved just like me!
      and if you need his help, you can email him on
      or whats-app +2348110114739
      I'm Lisa mark and you can get in touch with me via mail or whatsapp +14378000562

  2. I received a upper back and neck adjustment today. Initially the adjustment felt amazing. I was put on the table for some E-stim therapy for about 20 minutes. Within the last 5 minutes I started having a bit of an upset stomach. When my 20 minutes was up I did some small exercises and was told I would be seen in a week. Thinking that maybe I was just getting hungry as it was nearing lunch time I left the office without asking if the upset stomach was normal.
    I went to my Primary Care Facility on my way back to work to quickly get my X-rays of my shoulder knocked out and get back to work. As I was standing in front of the X-ray machine the tech asked me to slightly raise my chin. I suddenly had an extreme wave of severe nausea and started to become dizzy and light headed. I do not recall much of what happened but know that I told the tech that I was feeling Ill. He claims that had he not sat me down in the chair that I would have passed out. My entire body started to feel as though it was on fire and the nausea worsened.
    My primary care doctor was alerted and I was monitored for a few hours simply drinking water and had an EKG done that came back normal.
    Needless to say, I left the clinic feeling very frustrated and discouraged as my doctor says "well everything checks out good so your fine."
    How am I fine after nearly passing out?? Had I passed out and hit the floor I would have been immediately transported to the ER. But just shy of passing out is of no concern?
    I have also recently been having fluctuation in my TSH levels as I suffer from Hypothyroidism. My doc very nonchalantly pointed the finger straight at my Thyroid abnormalities.
    At this point I'm so confused, not to mention worried about my health!! My Chiro made zero mention of anything toxin related. I am hesitant to go back but do believe that my skeletal system is in serious need of therapy.


    1. Amber,
      It is unfortunate that you had difficulties during your chiropractic experience.

      It is something that no person wants to experience, but at the same time, it is important to understand that the adjustment rarely is the 'cause' of the problem. It could have been the caveat the sprung the leak,…so to speak, but it rarely is the cause. It sounds as if you have been worried about your health for some time now. It never hurts to properly manage your health with co-managed care. There are very few doctors that mention toxic relief to their patients….( and they wonder why that patient leaves and doesn't return). After reading my article, I hope you can understand the concept of toxic relief and that it makes sense to you.

      I chose not to do any exercise on my patients until after they have shown no signs/symptoms of illness or toxic reactions. In addition, I like to see that their health as started to stabilize.

      The one thing so difficult in the US is the ability to know which chiropractor is good for you. Many go to the most affordable chiropractor or the one accepting insurance. Much of the thinking here is that they think all chiropractors are the same. First of all, I am going to state that I don't blame your current chiropractor for any negligence. It is very easy for a person to do that once they have become ill.
      They are looking for answers, so the easiest thing to do is blame someone for the way they feel. Too little information has been given for that conclusion to occur. I would however look at yourself first and try to figure out what you're trying to accomplish by going to the chiropractor. If you are going to "improve your nervous system"….then BINGO, you nailed the proper reason.
      Hope your next chiropractic experience is a bit better. Remember to have realistic expectations upon yourself as well as chiropractic, then you'll get the results you were searching for.

      Dr. G

  3. I had the same reaction today. I got an adjustment yesterday (first one) and it was fine. I didn't feel great when I go up this morning, but went to the appointment anyway figuring something like toxins building up could cause my fatigue and general unwell feelings. I mentioned how I felt to the chiroproctor and she agreed with my evaluation. During today's adjustment, she twisted my head more than yesterday, and it didn't feel "right." When the adjustment was done, I had a headache and mentioned it before I left. She fixed that and then before I got paid and out of there, I had another headache (different spot) which she fixed and off I went. The second headache was back before I got in the car but I came straight home anyway, and before long started to feel nauseus. Since it was lunchtime I ate, thinking it was hunger gone too long. Nausea just got worse, and I started to get chills so went to bed for a nap. I slept six hours (notice I'm up after midnight!) in the middle of the day, two and then a brief awake period during which time I noticed that I now had two headaches simultaneously. One on top left of my head and another across the back. Felt even worse than when I went to bed, nausea and chills were intense so I went back to sleep. After the six hours I woke up feeling fine. Go figure. I want to get better, but I'm not sure I can handle this reaction every time I get a treatment, even if it's only for three weeks. I have to function!

  4. I understand the situation you are in. It appears the Chiropractor at least tried to get things right. Headache across the top of the head (cervicogenic) and headache in the back of the head (either sub occipital or occipital) are as you pointed out. 2 completely different types of headaches. The thing about patients to chiropractors and vice versa learning curve, is that the less resistant the patient the faster the patient heals. You talk about the doctor "twisting your neck". This rarely happens. It's more a patient perception than a reality. The doctor does move the bone through the joint, but twisting is usually not part of it. The reason I bring this up, is that was your perception. Meaning, the patient could have been as bit resistant to any adjustments to the neck. Especially happens if they heard a "big noise" (cavitation) the first day. Stick with it. Once you find the chiropractor you like,…it is often as good thing to stay. No more learning curve. Dr knows your habits and you hers/his.

  5. Thanks for this article. Ive recently started seeing a new chiropractor who did mention the release of toxins. But man...I never expected it to be this bad. I have an auto immune disease called Sjogrens Syndrome plus fibromyalgia. After my first couple appointments I felt "weird" and my neck hurt (she doesn't crack it - she uses a spring-loaded instrument that "thumps" it) but it went away after a day. I told her about it at my appointment yesterday and she decided to skip the instrument. She merely had me rest my hip bones on wedge-shaped pillows for five minutes, rotated my neck and pressed with her fingers for awhile, and cracked a place between my shoulder blades. She said I was very inflamed, so to drink lots of water, take an Epsom salts bath (I dont have a tub) and avoid sugar. The appointment seemed easy but as the evening went on I got sicker and sicker. By 2am my husband was wondering if he should take me to the ER. My hands were shaking, ears ringing, blood pressure and pulse high, sick at stomach, weak, and dizzy. Felt like I was having a heart attack. It was several long, frightening hours before the worst of it passed. Now today, I'm still weak and feel faint when I get up. Thank goodness its a holiday so I can stay in bed - but it also means that I cant call her office for advice. I dont know if I can get the courage to go back again. I feel so awful... This seems like a very severe reaction for such a gentle appointment.

  6. It can be severe…but, to be honest…it won't last more than a week to 10 days.
    Let me go over what you said.
    The spring loaded instrument that goes "thump" is called an Activator and some use the first series we simply call a SLI (Spring loaded instrument).
    The chiropractor decided not to manually adjust for it usually isn't in the protocol of an Activator Doctor.
    The doctor appears from your description to have tried to actively release the muscle tension rather than adjust.
    When a person has a toxic reaction it is both good and bad. It is very good that the body is releasing these toxins but the bad is you feel horrific. I expect that by now, you're feeling a bit better by now, if you have stuck with your chiropractor. Good luck to you in the future.

  7. For me it is a little different. I like my chiropator and feel sore but great relief when my pelvis is correct. Yesterday..I went back knowing I felt stiff and nerve pain around my ear and neck. What I experienced was insomnia anxiety and I was hot. Is that is same as toxic release in my case.

    1. It doesn't appear so. Toxic Release is during the first 3 weeks of treatment. It is the time that the patient has loaded up on adjustments and during that time the patient can feel:
      * lethargic
      * headaches
      * night time sweating
      * sore all over their body

      Plus others. However, these appear to be the most common. Anxiety to an adjustment? Am I understanding you correctly? IF that is so, then the patient and doctor should work on a routine and go through the process of the adjustment to decrease that anxiety. If your insomnia is throughout the initial treatment accompanied by other symptoms,...then it may be part of the toxic relief.
      Good Health.
      Dr. G

    2. I haven't had any anxiety/panic attacks in months and had my first adjustment yesterday. It was a minor one in my neck. My anxiety has been through the roof today.

  8. I went to see a chiro because I've been really unwell this past couple of months, I thought because I've had dizziness and headaches he could help! Anyway had my first adjustment, I felt fine, he didn't do a lot. Next adjustment he did quiet a lot, both sides neck, upper back crack, lower back, hips and ankles. I felt ok when I got home a bit tired, then I didn't feel like eating dinner. Went to bed woke up at 2am nauseous as ever and the agony in my back and neck was extreme. The next day I was so nauseous throwing up with pain, nurofen hardly taking the edge off! The next day experiencing nauseua, no throwing up but hot and cold chills. Night time I ate a little bit of dinner and off to bed. Today I feel slightly better

  9. I've had chiro treatment my whole life. In the last few years I have noticed a wave of lethargy after a "big adjustment"
    Funny how it's happened now, when I am a total veteran patient :)

  10. Yes, I am also a veteran of chiropractic treatment - mostly diversified method and AK. Today had McTimoney and I know that significant adjustments were made and I am having a 'toxic release' response similar to what can happen after a long deep tissue massage. I recognize it for what it is, but it is surprising to feel this way!

  11. Ha. After my first session I was a bit sore. The next day after a restless night I had cracking when I.moved any part of me and brief bursts of dizziness after each crack! After a few hours nap I felt better. The ne st two treatments to my neck and spine gave me cramp that came and went in two ties on my right foot though when my boyfriend pulled them out of the cramp they would crack and the pain and cramp left. This happened for two days after treatment a lot and now has died down to flare up once every few days. The next big reaction was after the next session where my middle Riley finger decided to feel as it it was sprained down to the Palm of my hand... this hurt til the next session whereby my chiro massaged it for me and said is probably muscular.... the next day it was so sore when I moved it that I tYped it up for a few hours. Big mistake! It swelled up an gave off a lot of heat for around four days. I iced it etc but the sprain feeling lasted a good few weeks. Let me point out that my chiropractic is very gentle after the first time, I just seem to be very very sensitive to these small realignments and probably I have a lot of toxins as my whiplash as she accident was around 7 years or more ago and I've had pain in neck and back for years but haven't done anything about it until now! So I'm Sat here now in a neck brace as my neck manipulation two days ago left me in agony. Finally though it's localised and not in extremities. I've been drinking lots of water but am also sneezing a lot (bizarre) the pain is lessening every hour and hot showers help as does keeping the area mobile. The brace is helping today with the muscle pain (agAin it felt like I'd sprained or ripped a muscle) but it's loose and I'm not restraining my neck bones in any way. Yes I've had very severebreactions to my 8 treatments so far but I will continue as I feel better otherwise. My jaw no longer feels like it's grinding. My neck is no longer clicking or feeling out of place and my migraines have gone. I found this thread very helpful as my chiropractic and an osteopath also mentioned whilst my reactions are quite severe based on the actual chiropractic intensity they are normal. Toxins are leaving the body and blood etc is flowing like it should be around the body. I really recommend people just stick with treatment as it will provide relief once everything is back in place and working well. My next treatment is in a week. Let's see what happens next :) fyi my issue is neck bending wrong way. 3 vertebra. And t1 Nd t3 in my back were misaligned slightly due to whiplash. This has caused my right hip to be a little higher than left and 1 foot to pronate outwards more than the other)

  12. Typos!! Sorry silly incorrect. Toes on my foot. Middle right finger.....etc

  13. Thank you for your post! I was wondering why my face would get really flush and I'd feel hot for about an hour after my visit. I've never done chiropractic before, bu had nasty whiplash from a car accident.. so I started Wonder if this was okay.. Sounds like my reaction is milder than what described.

  14. I went to see chiropractor and had a neck adjustment......i have been sick for 9 days now with nausea, vomiting, slight blurred vision.

    1. did it ever resolve for you? I am dealing with the same

  15. Our philosophy is that your body is innately intelligent and capable of healing itself, as long as your nervous system is free of interference. Calgary Chiropractor

  16. I had my first adjustment yesterday. Just a small one in my neck, nothing major. I've been nauseous, sore and my anxiety is much worse after leaving. It's been about 24 hours now. Is this anything I need to be concerned with? I also feel feverish but took my temperate and it's normal.

  17. This can definitely be due to a toxic reaction. It usually occurs the first day of an adjustment. Usually after a second adjustment...the feverish headache disappear. But that doesn't mean the reaction is finished. It usually takes about 3 weeks ...max for the reaction to subside. I have earned found usually less than 10 days

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  19. Yes, it’s pretty true that the reaction is not due to treatment but because of adjustment. I took treatment of my back pain from a Mississauga chiropractic clinic and got bit sick for couple of days before I got complete relief from pain.

    1. Not due to the adjustment...but rather the build up of toxicity released after an adjustment if and only if the person has an abundance of toxins in their nervous system.

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  20. Usually I never comment on blogs but your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. You’re doing a great job Man,Keep it up.

    1. After getting my neck manipulated 6 times, every other day, I have developed ringing in my ears. It started to affect me little by little and now it has gotten worse. I have never experienced such thing. I told him about this and he said it had nothing to do with the manipulation. Now I'm stuck with this and will not go away. I'm so upset.

    2. Tinnitus is generally due to a double subluxation. C1 and generally C4. If you feel your chiropractor is incompetent, you need to find one that is best for you.

  21. I have found tinnitus is often due to a subluxation at C4. Have your chiropractor look at either C3 or C4. This tinnitus has in my experience gone away in less than a week.

  22. I have been having manipulations for about 5 weeks now on my neck and hips and spine , three times a week.
    I have experienced many headaches and extreme fatigue.
    I am hoping for results soon.
    The only reason knowing the fatigue was related to this was reading information from other people experiencing same.

  23. Hi there : )
    I got adjusted for the first time in a few years a couple of weeks ago and the chiropractor commented that my face was getting really hot (it was, I was feeling very flushed to put it mildly....) Does that have to do with the nervous system also?? My initial complaint was a tmj issue and associated pain in the muscles surrounding the joint, the chiropractor thought it might be nerve pain based on my description. If I keep going, do you think the reaction would get a little less every time?? It was just a really weird feeling and kind of unexpected....

  24. I went to thw chiropractor yesterday for the first time in 2 years. Initially when I started going I felt fine after adjustments, maybe a little sore, but ultimately better then I felt before the adjustment. However, last night i was exhausted, sore, nauseous, and had the chills. Horrible. Why did this happen? Same chiropractor.

    1. Toxic reaction most certainly. As I have pointed out to many pts I generally see these symptoms dissipate in less than 3 weeks, especially if they are i the clinic 2-3 weekly during this ohase. Remember to go back very soon (within 4-5 days). It usualky unstiffens after thst 2nd adjustment. The reaction severity varies in everyone.

  25. Hi. I had my first treatment on Thursday. Fell ill on Friday. Today is day 6. After reading up about Toxic Release i contacted my chiropractor. He said a virus is on a different system within the body and the flu like symptoms toxic release refers to are the aches and pains.
    My symptoms from the Friday onwards are:
    Cough/sore throat 2-3 days,
    Running nose (still have it 6 days on),
    Burning eyes (still have),
    Physically sick (2 days),
    Jaw ache and headache (on the Saturday, so i took pain relief),
    Sweats/shivers (2-3 days(,
    Fatigue is easing now.
    I just managed a well needed bath, so i know I'm starting to mend now.
    Do you think that i was unlucky and picked up a virus, or is it more likely that it's down to the treatment? I have no doubt whatsoever in his ability, and already feel loads better pain wise, but i am convinced my 'virus ' is due to a toxic release, but I can't find decent evidence to show my chiropractor. What do you think? How long should I leave it before my next treatment?


    1. No, you were not unlucky. It wasn't a virus. I explained that some people mistaken a toxic reaction with a virus or flu. The that you feel lousy for a little bit as your body's immune system learns to work properly. Afterwards, you'll be thankful.

    2. Continuation... people should go a minimum of twice a week...3x if possible during the first month. Healing is always by momentum. Take care. Dr G

  26. A toxic reaction isn't limited to 'aches and pains' as I described in the article.
    Extreme lethargy (tired all the time), complete body soreness, are some of the reactions. In addition, you can get a sympathetic nervous system reaction which often is mistaken by patients as 'flu like symptoms' or even a 'viral attack'.
    The best course of action is combined chiropractic treatment, antioxidants, increased water and non detrimental fluids to restore the body into parasympathetic state. If someone is having severe symptoms, it can take 3 weeks of care before their body rids itself of these issues. You will find that the symptoms will appear in a distal manneras you are going thru this healing time. Meaning: it may all start in your head, then go into your lungs and chest and may eventually work itself into the lower extremities near the resolution. Hope I answered your question. DrG

  27. Am having chiropractic adjustments weekly for several groin and leg/foot pain. I have been very ill prior to developing this pain and my body is reacting severely to the adjustments as a result. My chiro is amazing and has reassured me every step of the way that the fever, increased inflammation, increased pain, bladder and digestive upsets, headaches, extreme nausea, running nose, night sweats, nightmares are all part of the process of getting better. As you can imagine from the list of my symptoms, it has been very very tough to keep the faith having never had chiropractic adjustments before but after the three weeks timeframe you talk about we see improvements. I am very very grateful to have found this blog and also to read the comments regarding the experience of others. Even though my chiro is very reassuring, reading something like this reinforces and validates what she says as I don't personally know of any others who have reacted as violently as I have. A big thank you.

  28. Dr. G: My MRI report showing degenerative changes throughout the cervical spine with multilevel severe neural foraminal narrowing. Now the pain has been subsiding since last Dec after 9 times of the Physio treatment. This was the 3rd onset already but I am still experiencing some numbness in my fingers and pain in base of neck, deltoid and scapular along with some spasm in these area and left clavicle. First onset was in 2005 and 2nd was the summer of 2014.Don't recall how I got well the first time andI was totally free of pain and numbness 2nd time after 7 visits to Physio on top of all sorts conservative ways. Chiro is the scariest thing for me and I don't if I should give it a try considering Physio is not solving the cause. Appreciate hearing from you. Thank you!

    1. Foraminal narrowing isn't necessarily a reason to proceed with chriopractic. That being said, if you live in a country that allows you to get radiographs, I would do so. LATERAL CERVICAL & A-P Cervical.
      Is the IVF narrowing due to spinous rotation?
      Is the IVF narrowing due to posterior spondy's?
      Is the IVF narrowing due to expansive bone growth?
      Need to find that out priot to cavitational adjustments.
      It is safe to proceed with non-cavitational cdrvical adjustments
      P-A drop (neck in flexion).
      Toggle drop
      Atlas Orthogonal
      SLI (i.e. Activator)

      I, myself would use a soft P-A webhand drop and allow movement to occurby itself.
      Your symptomology is a perfect description of a Cervical Radiculopathy.
      I have had so many cases enter my clinic with nearly the same symptoms. 7-11 weeks of 2x-4x week care and the symptoms subside.
      * Cervical and sup.scap. tightness/pn
      * upper thoracic pn
      * deltoid heaviness (deep)
      * pain/tingling/numbness radiating down to the fingers

      If a cavitational adjustment is scary, please find a chiropractor willing to adjust with a non-Cavitational method.

    2. Dear Dr.G; So happy to hear from you and thank you for providing all this great info!!!
      Detailed findings are:
      The cervicomedullary junction is unremarkable. straightening of the normal cervical lodosis is seen.
      At C2-3, no significant disc abnormality, spinal canal or neural foraminal narrowing is present;
      At C3-4, a mild broad-based posterior disc bulge is present with mild spinal canal narrowing. Facet hypertrophy is present with severe neural foraminal narrowing bilaterally;
      C4-5, a mild broad-base posterior disc osteophyte complex is present with mild spinal canal narrowing. Facet and uncovertebral hypertrophy are present with severe neural foraminal narrowing bilaterally;
      At C5-6, a mild broad-base posterior disc osteophyte complex is present, eccentric to the left, with mild spinal canal narrowing. Facet and uncovertebral hypertrophy are present with severe left-sided neural foraminal narrowing and moderate right-sided neural foraminal narrowing;
      At C6-7, a mild broad-base posterior disc osteophyte complex is present with mild spinal canal narrowing. Facet hypertrophy is seen with severe left-sided neural foraminal narrowing and mild right-sided neural foraminal narrowing; and
      At C7-T1, no significant disc abnormality or spinal canal narrowing is seen. Mild neural foraminal narrowing is present bilaterally.
      Sorry for sending such a long report. I am kind of desperate in getting your help. Thank you so much!

  29. Immediately after an adjustment, his speech was noticeably different to everyone in the room. injury

  30. Able to adjust above and below the disc buldge. I would still do a P-A adjustment at C2. C5 appears to be the primary subluxation. This can be asjusted with or without a cavitational adjustment. Narrowing of the IVF on yhe right side in conjunction with a superacapular/ upper thoracic adjustment will open the space. I normally would perform a prone C5 Right cervical dorsal angle adjustment. Obliquely putting the head left with my right hand supporting upper thoracic right (cross hand...since the patient is prone it is your right thoracic..Dr. is superior to the it is cross hand). Neck is levered with thrust coming from tissue slack of left hand on right neck and primary thrust on upper thoracic. If patient is resistent...multiple drops from thoracic piece and head piece at the same time. If a patient is relaxed, it will cavitate the neck on its own as the primary subluxation in upper thoracic (T1-T4) will also be adjusted.
    If patient is still resistent, I put the patient supine (Anterior-Dorsal for the thoracic)..and supine for a sup.scap adjustment. superscapular tissue slack (Dr. Is on opposite side of affected area) as I role the patient onto affected area with a drop.
    This has been extremely affective for me, even with patients who are guarding their injury or patients resistent due to fear.
    Primary: C5 with ipsilateral (T1-T4)
    Secondary C2 (above affected disc buldge) if immoveable..C4...same prone head piece webhand P-A drop with tissue slack on C2 supportive.
    Hope I helped.Dr.G

  31. Dear Dr. G: I can tell you are such a caring and knowledge doctor and you have been so generous that you've shared all this with me. Believe it is not just benefiting me but also those of us whoever have been following the blog. You have earned all my respect. I am not that afraid anymore and have started working with a chiropractor locally. My big thanks to you!!!

  32. Hello, I had an adjustment about a month ago and after a few days, I notice a rash on my hip. During my adjustment, the chiropractor put alot of pressure on that particular side and its still sore with a rash, not big but noticeable and irritated. I have tried every over the counter lotion and its still there.

  33. Well, that is a new one.
    The adjustment itswlf wouldn't have raised a rash of any sort...especially on the hip.
    The first thing you do is DDX (differential diagnosis).
    1) was the hand of the chiropractor directly on your skin? Probably not.
    2) A rash can can be due to irritants (clothes, detergent) or an autonomic reaction that lied dormant due to its incubation period. Therefore, are you allergic to anything?
    3) If it was a skin rash due to abrasiveness of...let's say jeans on the area of a body that is protruded by thick bone and thin skin, (knees, hip), then this is simply an abrasion that will heal soon.
    Sorry, but that is the best I've got for you at the moment.

  34. Sporadic bouts of dizziness and nausea after an adjustment, including into the next day? I'm 18 hours out from the adjustment now. Is this something I need to worry about, or is this pretty normal?

  35. Alarmed or worried? Maybe not at this point. I would (as I have written) recommend the patient to come in the next day. Since I am not really aware of your case, I would trust your chiropractor and follow his treatment plan.

  36. Thank you for sharing such wonderful information!In my opinion, Keep a healthy life by consuming healthy food and doing exercise regularly is the best healthy formula.

  37. Doesn't hurt. Add a wonderful regiment of chiropractic...and you increase your likelihood of a wonderful standard of living.

  38. OMG. I have been seeing a Chirp for three visits now and every time I come home I am wiped out. Within 4 hours I feel like I have the flu. The Dr did say it was toxins today when I asked. He put my on hydromessage to help and I will continue as it is relieving my pain in my hip. Nice to know I'm not crazy!### what antioxidants are suggested?

  39.'s nice to know you aren't crazy😆. I usually recommend red, blue, purple and black fruits. The darker the fruit, generally the higher the antioxidant count.

  40. Hi Dr. G,

    I had my first appointment in 6 years last week. I was flying the day after my adjustment and experienced no fatigue or pain. Fast forward to three days after my appointment:
    - I felt nauseous
    - my neck, butt, and thighs hurt
    - I developed a fever of 103 for a day and a half

    Since, the fever and night chills have subsided. I feel very tired, with no energy whatsoever. Is this abnormal timeline for the toxin release to occur? Or could this have been a virus?

    My chiropractor had to attempt twice at "fixing" my neck. Should I ask next time that they not adjust the neck vertebrae and stick to other manipulations on my back instead?


    1. Extreme Lethargia.. that is one of the bigger symptoms of those that experience a toxic reaction. This period sbould be less than 2 weeks. Continue using heat on the axxompanying muscles, water as a medium of toxic flush and antioxidants.

  41. Wow!! this is the only info I have found that actually justifies my symptoms after c1 and c2 adjustment. Pain at base of skull-chronic headache and Jaw pain. But can any or all of the following be detox symptoms? I have had all for 10 far.

    -Massive insomnia (if so, why?)
    -Loss of appetite
    -Sore muscles on front of neck/throat, (soreness migrates around the area)
    Hot skin, but no fever in the evenings.

    I am terrified to get any more adjustments. Can these symptoms get worse?

    Thanks for putting this info out there, much appreciated.

    Thx, Allie

    1. In addition, you should notify your chiropractor of your fear. HE/SHE may switch to a non cavitational (no crack crack of the neck) style cervical adjustment.

    2. So I went to my chiro and she said none of this has anything to do with the adjustment even though I gave her my calendar of symptoms! She said my thyroid area is swollen (yes) and has little bumps that weren't there 2 weeks ago. What the heck?! I am so confused, I feel like I am going to have to go to a regular doc. She said she thinks I have postpartum thyroiditis. Dare I get a thyroid blood test. So FREAKED by this. Any advise??!

      Thank you, Allie

    3. Walk out that door and don't look back. Catch me drift???

  42. That is a deep toxic reaction. Usually takes about 2 weeks to go thru this uncomfortability. The symptons should be moving distally (downward) as the treatments progress. Continue on your 2x/3x a week pattern through this time period. You should start feeling improvements very shortly

    1. This reaction isn't from traditional chiro either, it is from Network Spinal Analysis, or light touch chiro. I am amazed the detox can even be so bad with this. I am in the 'remodeling' phase. I have never been so uncomfortable. Symptoms always get significantly worse in the evenings around 7pm. Is this a detox time period?
      Thanks again.

    2. No... toxicity is a w4 hour a day thing. Your talking about the symptomatology and what I call "balance". It takes approx 3 weeks of 2x-3x a week adjustments vefore your body starts to balance and hold an adjustment

  43. I've been seeing a chiropractor since last Thursday. Today after working (on light duty but still very physically active) I felt beyond exhausted always about 3 pm, adjustments are at 10 am, anyways is it normal to have heavyness in your arms and tingling in your legs? Thank you in advance for your response.

  44. Toxic reaction can last generally 2-3 weeks if a person is affected. Like I have stated, Lethargia is often the biggest symptom. If the reaction doesn't decrease after that, then your body is fighting too hard. Before I would recommend any other medical advice, I'd let the body try to heal itself within that first 30 days.

  45. How interesting. Can these reactions manifest through the skin? Ever since I went it seems my skin is going bonkers in sebum production and my scalp is suddenly stinky, even with more washing and special shampoo. This is also the second time the muscles in my neck and shoulders have become "cold" after adjustment. I'm not cold to the touch, it's like tiny ice packs have been implanted *inside* my muscles. The only thing that alleviated it last time was accupuncture with TENS.

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  49. I went to the chiropractor for my first adjustment 8 days ago. First night I had severe night sweats, nausea and vomiting, was extremely dizzy and exhausted with nausea for days following couldnt eat, experienced my first few migraines that I had never had before in my life. Now it is 8 days later, i managed to eat a whole six inch veggie sub last night. had night sweats and nightmares but managed to keep the food down. Today I ate breakfast and managed to keep it down but everytime I stand up and walk across my house, my pulse rate shoots up and i become nausea, weak and shakey and start feeling a headache and have to sit down. im unable to do any activity without feeling completely exhausted and im all foggy headed and anxious. Is this something I should be concerned about? i have never been so sick. I called my chiropractor and he said in his whole 25 years of practice he had never heard of such symptoms.

  50. Ive also always been a person who stays cold. I feel so flushed and hot. My head and neck feel all achey, hot and stuffy.

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  52. ...and yet,I wrote an entire article about it.
    Look at all the ppl that are writing me with symptons just like you.
    Now, you understand why I explain this scenario to new patients. I would have necer let you go 8 days before the next adjustment... You would have easily been on your 3rd adjustment by now. HEALING IS BY MOMENTUM.
    Remember that as you begin to truly understand what chiropractic can do for you.

  53. Thank you! It is now 16 days since my first adjustment. I went to a new chiropractor and he suggest I do Bioflex Cold Laser Therapy on my neck and head and allow my symptoms to get controlled. I have had 3 laser therapy treatments and I am improving. I am eating, the nausea has gotten better. I am gaining my strength back. I am still having headaches and sometimes migraines but they are getting better as well. On the days I have laser therapy I have minimal symptoms but it seems the symptoms come back after not having treatment for a couple of days. Your absolutely right about finding a chiropractic that’s right for you because the first one I went to as freaked out as I was about me being so horribly sick after the adjustment all he could say was, “I’ve never heard of anyone having those types of symptoms”. I would like to know how he has been in this profession for 25 years and has never heard of this reaction. I would not have been as scared and worried if he had been more like you and explained this condition. This has been horrible and scary and I’m glad to know that there is a Doctor if Chiropractor out there that can help and encourage those of us that are experiencing this because the first week I really thought I was dying. I am so glad that I am improving. If I could just get rid of these migraines and headaches. Every time I do anything to get my heart rate up I get a horrible headache. I’m hoping that this just goes away with time too. Because I’m a very active person. But thank you Dr. G. You seem to be the only person that knows anything about this!

  54. Hi! I see a lot of time has gone by since the original post, but thought I would respond anyways. May of 2016 I went for my first chiropractor visit due to arthritis in my hip. Although my type of arthritis is degenerative and the chiropractor refused to go near it, he did find many other issues with my spine that he could work on. I have had multiple injuries from growing up horseback riding so I figured, why not? I had my first adjustment that same day. It felt amazing. The next day I started developing a headache but didn’t immediately link it to the adjustment, just figured it would get better at my next appointment in 2 days. The following day my neck started hurting where I was adjusted. I kept feeling like I needed it cracked immediately or I wouldn’t be able to stand up any longer. My headache got progressively worse as did the neck pain. I could hardly move. By that afternoon, I went to the er. They blew me off and sent me home claiming it was a migraine since I refused pain medication (I have a terrible reaction to pain meds and had already taken Tylenol and ibu). Overnight my fever began and the vomiting, I was so sick. The next morning I couldn’t open my eyes. My neck was so stiff, I couldn’t look down and my head felt like it was going to explode. Back to the er I went. They left me in the waiting room for 45 min in screaming pain. Finally I went back and they said they thought they should do a spinal tap. An hour later I found a nurse locking my isolation door and putting quarantine signs up. My doctor came and said I had meningitis and they had to admit me and start meds right away because it can be life threatening. 3 days and a lot of pain later it was confirmed that I thankfully had viral meningitis, not bacterial. I had gone only to my 2 person office job and the chiropractor. To this day I am still convinced that my adjustment released something into my spinal fluid. Some sort of virus. I will never return to the chiropractor, meningitis was the worst pain I have experienced and I have had children epidural free. Reading this makes me think that maybe I’m actually not crazy like everyone else thinks I am

    1. You had a smart chiropractor. Your chiropractor as good as he/she may be, cannot create viral meningitis. You will need to look somewhere else for that blame. As convinced as you may be, your feelings do NOT substitute reality.

    2. I wrote on this page a year ago. My name is Tracy Hagler. After going to the chiropractor for hip pain and getting a full spine and pelvic adjustment, I experienced symptoms of “toxic reaction” I was deathly ill. I was bed bound and my my heart rate would shoot up upon standing. Nausea, vomiting, chills, migraines. Too weak to walk through my house. I was told that this would go away so I went to my second adjustment and got worse. I deteriorated quickly and was unable to eat. Lost 14 lbs in a month and have since spent thousands on medical bills and have never gotten better. I have been diagnosed with Pots syndrome and me/cfs both neuro and immune dysfunctions caused by a malfunction of my autonomic nervous system. I was completely healthy other than hip pain (that I later found out was caused by a hernia) before that adjustment. Chiropractic is not for everyone. Some people it helps but for me it has triggered an illness that has devastated my life. I hope none of you are going down the road that I have went down this year. It’s been a pure nightmare. Please get yourself checked medically and don’t just assume it will go away.

    3. HI Tracy, I am having awful symptoms too (very similar to yours) and a spacey feeling that I cannot shake after 2nd Chiro adjustment. I hope your are doing better - Did you ever find out what happened to you?

  55. Hello! Can someone tell me please if its normal after my second mobilization of the spine , which was made initially for my neck and head pain, after 1 hour after session, I got a sharp and sudden pain in my lower back and almost fainting if I didnt lay down fast! And I cant sit down anymore, I get sick, nauseous and fainting like! It did happen to me when I was in my teen to get this kind of sharp pain in lower back and faint ! But I never had that problem again, till now, but only worse cause I cant sit down ..

    1. Hi...I would really like to know what the doctor is describing as "mobilization".
      In addition, was a full spine adjustment given?
      You mention you had this in the did it happen? What were the circumstances? Motor vehicle accident? Falling off a bike? During contact sports? Explain
      To answer the question: No, it is not normal. Now, you need to figure out the weakness and why it occurred and how to prevent it in the future? Dr. G

  56. that run in different directions. So, you can imagine that if a rib is being pulled back or pushed forward, it's going to place a lot of strain on those tiny muscles and the other muscles attached to the ribs. north carolina sports chiropractor

  57. Thanks for posting this awesome article. I’m a long time reader but I’ve never been compelled to leave a comment.
    Thanks again for a great article!

    1. Thank you for reading it. Just trying to make a difference in people's lives.

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  60. I have a very different reaction after my neck adjustment.After the first adjustment, I try to sleep at night, and just as I was about to sleep, I would wake up out of breath. This would happen about 5 more times until I finally doze off. I also hear a clicking sound when I swallow... I also have aches and pains that they said would be normal. I don’t know if the swallowing and being out of breath while sleeping is normal.

    1. I wrote on this page a year ago. My name is Tracy Hagler. After going to the chiropractor for hip pain and getting a full spine and pelvic adjustment, I experienced symptoms of “toxic reaction” I was deathly ill. I was bed bound and my my heart rate would shoot up upon standing. Nausea, vomiting, chills, migraines. Too weak to walk through my house. I was told that this would go away so I went to my second adjustment and got worse. I deteriorated quickly and was unable to eat. Lost 14 lbs in a month and have since spent thousands on medical bills and have never gotten better. I have been diagnosed with Pots syndrome and me/cfs both neuro and immune dysfunctions caused by a malfunction of my autonomic nervous system. I was completely healthy other than hip pain (that I later found out was caused by a hernia) before that adjustment. Chiropractic is not for everyone. Some people it helps but for me it has triggered an illness that has devastated my life. I hope none of you are going down the road that I have went down this year. It’s been a pure nightmare. Please get yourself checked medically and don’t just assume it will go away.

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  62. Hi After getting my upper neck adjusted with an activator, I ve been feeling intense vertigo. I had no idea such a soft adjustment could cause such severe effects. It has been a week and still no improvement. The ER sent me home, said a stroke would be unlikely at my age (31). Will the vertigo eventually settle down?? Help! My chiropractor says it is a coincidence...

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    2. Hi,

      Did you dizziness eventually go away and if I've been dizzy for a month now after my neck adjustment.

  63. Hi. I had my very first adjustment ever on Wednesday. Today, Sunday, I am bedridden with a terrible “cold.” I have a productive cough, sore throat, and just general malaise. It started the morning following the adjustment. My back feels great! But as a whole, I feel like garbage. Based on what I’m reading, I feel this is the normal to if reaction. Can you comment on this please?

    1. It certainly can be a normal reaction. Keep an eye on your health during thos process.
      * Do you feel drained of energy?
      * Does this last longer than 10 days?
      * Besides malaise, are there any other prodromic effects?
      Your health should vastly improve after the first month, if you are consistent with care at the clinic and at home as well. We wish you good health. -Dr. G

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  66. Hi, this blog makes me feel like I am not alone. I had my very first adjustment on May 23rd. I was involved in a car accident 20 years ago that more than likely threw my body out of whack, and has continued doing so unknown to me. I had a severe back spasm four weeks ago that was taking forever to get better. I thought I should try a Chiropractor to see if they could help. He said he should be able to, but it would take a few adjustments as the accident has probably had long lasting effects, but did not mention negative side effects, only that most people feel better. He did adjustment on sacrum and hip then mid back. After I had some scans done and started feeling weird.My back started to ache. I went home, back got worse, nausea started, burning,aching, tingling, extreme lethargy. Next morning I felt crappy still, had a bout of dizziness, layed around all day couldn't do much.This is day 3 still have nausea, my guts are out of whack, back still stiff and if I stand too long I get sore.It is marginally getting better but still don't want to go back to my next appt, I cannot deal with this feeling every time I have an adjustment.Maybe I will go in to talk with him.

  67. Quesion 1
    Did the chiropractor adjust the patient w/o xrays prior to the adjustment?

    Question 2
    Did he/she ever ask for xrays?

    Question 3
    3 days is way too short for a viral infection...
    Was it a manipulative adjustment with a rotation? (Meaning: did it appear to be a twisting of the neck adjustment?)

    Is your daughter okay now?

    There are many effective ways of non-cavitational adjustments for the neck.
    If you fear cavitational adjustments, do not go to a doctor that performs them.
    I cannot tell you from the limited info you gave me whether or not you had an issue due to doctors mishandling or due to the spinal complications with relationship to nerve and/or vertebral issues.
    I certainly hope your daughter is ok.

  68. Can a toxic reaction cause problems for an unborn child during pregnancy...?

    1. Did you ever get an answer to this. I am curious as I am trying to get pregnant. Do adjustments have negative affects for pregnant women and what about toxic release during pregnancy?

      Thank you

    2. I have adjusted women thru their 9th month. No adverse reactions.

    3. When you say " no adverse reaction" do you mean no toxic release? To me, toxic release is an adverse reaction as defined by Webster.

      I am 35 weeks, had first ever adjustment and am in the throes of experiencing toxic release.

      It is well known that anything in the body can be passed via the placenta, ie: food, hormones, alcohol, drugs, prenatals, toxins, ect.

      My question is therefore as follows:
      Will this toxic release negatively impact my unborn child, especially considering it can last up to 3 weeks?

      Or, by "purging" my own system, will the effects of the toxins be negated or washed away and not "stick" to this child, as opposed to the toxins "grabbing on to" his system (as you mentioned toxins look to hold onto muscles and so forth), since his system is so new and relatively weak?

      I care not for myself reaction wise, only for my as of yet unborn little one.
      Thank you.

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    1. I personally know Dr. TRAVIS. He is someone I would trust.

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  75. Hello,

    I really appreciate this post as it has answered many of my questions. With that being said I am a little concerned. I just had my fourth adjustment. My hips/sacrum keep moving and my chiro has to adjust them every visit. First visit was the left side, the next the right, then the left etc. and I am wondering why my hips keep shifting.

    Also, after my second and third adjustments I was extremely sore in my neck and ribs and had Teri leg pain prior to having diarrhea.

    Now my ribs hurt and are sore all the way to the front and it hurts to breathe. Is this just my body and muscles working to keep the adjustments in place? I feel like I worked out super hard and muscles I didn’t even know I had hurt.

    He has been adjusting my hip/sacrum. My low back l4-5, my middle back t10-12, one in my upper back, and also two in my neck one right at the base of my skull and one low neck almost to my shoulders. My neck is also very sore on the sides and I feel like I have a sore throat/ear ache and headache.

    Also, my sacrum is killing me. I have pain in my but area and it goes down almost to my leg and then on the sides of my low back at the top of my hips.

    I’m just wondering if this is normal and if there is anything else I can do besides drink lots of fluids and ice it.

    Thank you,


  76. The shifting of pain is not abnormal. The base of the neck adjustment, a few things can be done here.
    1. Get a quick adjustment
    2. Let the neck muscles relax and it will often resettle. However, if the neck is being adjusted for bio mechanical restructuring, then simply continue with the adjustments. It sounds subluxated.
    It takes about 3 weeks for the body to balance. (Give or take a week)
    The sides of your neck are sore...
    A cervical dorsal adjustment from c4-T4 will properly align that issue. If your doctor doesn't know that technique,
    Single hand P-A thrust adjustment T-1-T4 , P-A probe cervical adjustment with the thumb c4-C7...light adjustments that are quite affective and painless.
    Thx for writing.

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  78. I was going to cancel my Mon. appt but will probably go after reading this post. Thank you for all of this information!!
    Is it possible to break out in a rash? My doctor said he has never heard of anyone getting a rash from being adjusted and reading all the comments it doesn’t seem like it ever happens. I went to a chiropractor a few years ago and got flu like symptoms and broke out in a rash on my stomach and arms. Went to a new one this year and the same thing happened. I have Hashimotos, does this have anything to do with why I’m breaking out?

    1. Actually, there was an article I read somewhere about Chiro potentially causing reactivation of herpes viruses (chicken pox etc..) because of the nerves being affected. They hide there after all. Lysine and lemon balm!

  79. Breaking out in a rash is a stess related Post-ChickenPox reaction known as Shingles. It is something that happens as an autonomic response and you'll never be able to get rid of it fully. I've had it several times in my life. In 2 seconds without getting too scientific, what happens is the virus sits in the Dorsal Root Ganglia around T-10. It flairs up during times of stress.
    Hashimotos Dx is an immune system Dx. I am not sure if there is a direct correlation between that and Shingles, you'd truly have to ask an Endocrinologist.
    Howecer, glad you have reentered your chiropractic care.

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  81. Thanks for the info here. I had a chiropractic neck and back adjustment 5 days ago. It completely fixed the issue I went in for (lower left back). I was fine until 3 days later when I was hit suddenly with mild nausea, fatigue and increasing vertigo which has become pretty bad over last 2 days. Because it was so much later I didn’t associate it with the adjustment until researching today. I have been taking an antihistamine which has relieved my dizziness for a few hours before it returns. (I thought it might be Labrynthitis from my web search - which is why I tried the antihistamine. Does this sound fairly routine post first adjustment, or do I need to worry more about the dizziness being still so intense at this point? Thanks !

    1. Hello. Just curious if your dizziness went away and after how long?

  82. about, it not uncommon. Happens about 20% -25% of the time.
    Glad you did your research.

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  84. Yep sometimes that kind of thing does happen... so always be careful my fellow people..

  85. I just had an an adjustment two days ago. I was in a lot of pain because my left shoulder area went out. The next day I developed a fever of 102 and that night I got a full body rash. Today I am still getting more spots. I haven't seen anything about the toxins causing a rash but I guess if there's enough that could be their way of trying to get out. Have you ever heard of this?

    1. Also, i am pregnant and have bad morning sickness so I am not as hydrated as I should be.

  86. This sounds like an auto-immune response...but, I cannot be sure since I am truly unaware of this case or your situation.

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  88. Hi Dr. G. I took my 10 month old to a kinesiologist/ chiropractor (the doctor does both). My baby has gotten chiropractic care before but it was so gentle that I didn't notice too much difference. Anyway, I took her to this new one about a week ago. She focused her adjustment on her C1 since she said it was rotated/bulging to the right, as well as her hips. My baby suffered a birth injury and her spine has been out of alignment ever since. She's overall healthy but he had a bit of a delay in her physical milestones and her ability to self soothe. Anyway, a day after her adjustment she started shuddering - 2-10 second "shudder attacks" as if she's having a prolonged shiver. These haven't gone away yet. Any idea as to what this might be?

  89. I know in Chile, it is popular to have Kinesiologist/Chiropractors... now back to the subject at hand. Uncontrollable shivers, shakes , movements .
    I would look for non aggressive, non- audible type of adjustments, especially for a young child.
    To set her occipus-Atlas (C0-C1) there are a few options here.
    Look for someone PROFICIENT in drop.
    Blair chiropractic is fantastic for this.
    (There may even be some YouTube videos on Blair chiropractic). I used it on the elderly, those afraid of audible adjustments and of course... children.
    Other techniques that are safe
    AO (Atlas Orthogonal)
    NUCCA (National upper cervical chiropractic assoc)
    Toggle drop
    Check these out.

    1. Thank you for replying! I will look into these. This adjustment she had was definitely non audible- I would never bring her to someone who just wanted to crack her neck.. this chiro had great reviews, specializes in pediatric chiropractic and sees 5-10 children per day, so I figured it was worth a shot. The funny this is, she's had these tremors before when I tried taking her to another chiropractor who's considered one of the best in the US (I'm over in MA). He was pretty aggressive though so I stopped taking her there. After him her shivering lasted for about a month. This other chiro seemed a lot more gentle, but stills same symptoms for a few days (she's fine now). Is it possible she shouldn't be getting her C1 adjusted? Is the adjustment pinching a nerve? Should I get imaging? Or is it just the technique?

    2. Just as a side note she also got her cranium adjusted because she has plagiocephaly on the left and a slightly bulging temporal lobe on the right. Could this have been the issue or do you think it's the upper cervical adjustment?

  90. Let me be certain that I cannot diagnose that it was due to an upper cervical adjustment. I just choose to adjust that way with children, however there are chiros that choose to adjust using their preferred technique Ipsilateral plagiocephaly wouldn't have anything to do with an occipital adjustment being performed.
    If you are uncertain of outcome, I am because of the limited information, I would see a clinical neurologist or even a chiropractic neurologist, like Dr. Carrack. They may be able to assist you greater. Sorry, I couldn't be of any help.

  91. First off,I am glad your daughter is okay.
    Secondly,I am heartened to see you do your homework when it comes to chiropractic.

  92. Thank you! I took my daughter to another adjustment last week and had the chiro try a gentler approach while setting the C1, and no shuddering since. So overall so far so good. And yes I've been researching this enough that I've learned a thing or two :)

  93. Hello.

    I had a my first neck adjustment about a month ago. I have been experiencing severe vertigo since I have had the adjustment. Please someone tell me this will subside. I'm extremely nauseous and I have terrible brain fog as well. I have never experienced these symptoms in my life before.

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  98. Stop spamming.Seriously. Is that the only way you can earn business? Kind of skanky, yeah?

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  100. Very inept and I love answering questions like this.
    To say NOTHING is to pass through the placenta may be far fetched, but through my experience, there has never been any adverse reactions because generally speaking, if a person has that many toxins in their body, it has already passed into the placenta. How would anyone know at that point what entered and what did not?
    I personally never had a patient express adverse reactions from the adjustments. Perhaps, I was fortunate, or perhaps I aimed at delivering a lighter adjustment.

    The answer is vague, because I have been denied my Einstein status, loved the question.

  101. Just so I am clear - after experiencing toxic reaction you SHOULD stick to recommended visiting schedule. Also that is very likely you will re-experience symptoms after each adjustment.... but then a few weeks later they should stop. And you should feel healed?

    Much appreciated that you’re taking the time to respond

  102. The symptoms should subside. I have seen symptoms last about 10 days or less.

    That being said,...never do anything you feel uncomfortable about.

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  106. people are pretty pathetic spamming a Chiropractic article that I wrote nearly 6 years ago.
    I have seen spammers. I have seen people steal my articles and try claiming it as their own.
    If this continues, eventhough I have nearly 200,000 hits on this article alone,...I will delete the entire blog.
    ...and you wonder why you are not trusted? Hmmm.

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  111. Had the activator treatment on my neck for first Time 3 weeks ago and I noticed my tinnitus (used to sit around 4/10 ) went away for a couple of days but came back pretty loud 7/10 noise so went back 2 weeks ago and she went at my neck with the activator pretty hard. Tinnitus is pretty high and is aggravated with hard work. I feel weird with a clamp like feeling over my left part of my head. Occasionally feeling dizzy.

  112. I never was a big believer in Activator. Chiro practis "move by hand"... Look for a Doc who knows how to properly move bone.The rest is just faux science, to me.

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  117. Anna,
    True story...When I was in school, I had an Activator and I was playing around with it in class. I was clicking it onto my palm...the next day My had felt like a anvil and swelled does work. There isn't an immediate sense of relief as a regular adjustment will give you,... but depending on the usage,'ll work. I rarely use an Activator, myself, but I do use it on joints and children and elderly.

  118. Hi there,

    I have been having awful symptoms from my second chiropractic adjustment (haven't had one in 10 years).

    Spacey feeling, like out of it and not present
    Dizziness (only happens if I move around too much)
    Nausea (only happens if I move around too much)
    Rushing Sounds in the back of the neck (resolved)
    Vision changes (verified by an Opthamologist) I used to have 20/20 and it has changed including eye pressure, flashing, seeing floaters, pinpricks of light
    pressure in head especially when lying down
    extreme fatigue
    unable to exercise or move very much, especially not bend down
    tingling and pain in arms and legs (mostly resolved through massage)

    Any ideas as to what might be going on? Seems like others have had similar issues.

    Thank you so much,

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  120. so i know this board might be from a different country than mine. I am in arizona. I had an adjustment for the first time and the chiro adjusted my neck by having me lay face down and he then pushed down on my neck. I was terrified after hearing about the strokes that have occurred from neck adjustments. But my chiro did not rotate the neck. Should i be worried about the minute possibility of stroke from neck adjustments? or are do they only occur with rotary neck adjustments ? I think i will tell him to avoid my neck for now.

    1. my email is please if you can sent the reply to that email

    2. No, shouldn't worry. It only occurs with Rotation adjustments.
      Doc G

  121. Hi Dr G! I am curious, I am thinking of going to a "soft touch" chiropractor that uses DNFT or the "Directional Non-Force Technique". In your opinion, would there be less of a toxic release with this method versus the crack crack method? Thank you for your great article!

  122. That is a tricky one.
    My answer?...Notcertain.
    The reason I say this is because of this...Just because it is non-force doesn't necessarily mean the impingement won't decrease and if the Axonal Bombardment is already at the Dorsal Root Ganglia, wouldn't that mean the reaction will still occur anyway?
    If the impingement is occuring, and their isn't enough movement (by force or by delayed movement) then,.. there probably won't be a reaction.
    Tough to answer.
    Or if it is a delayed movement, it could happen days or weeks later.
    If non-force is your preferred technique,...then that is the route you should pursue.
    Doc G